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Would you hire the second best lawyer? Probably not.

The same goes for hiring a law firm SEO agency.

We believe in results, not false promises. Other law firm SEO companies depend on sales jargon and large marketing budgets. Not Elite.

The May Firm

This California personal injury law firm is dominating in 7 different cities throughout the state, thanks to Elite Legal Marketing.

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    Recovered from
    Google penalty.

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    Ranking in 7 locations different cities
    throughout California.

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    Reached new record of
    monthly case intakes.

  • 200%

    Traffic increase from
    start of campaign.

  • 6+

    Featured in numerous
    local & national media


Search engine algorithms are always evolving,
so is Elite.

We’ve been around since the early days of search engine marketing. We know it’s a constantly changing craft, and as such, we’re always learning and updating our strategy based on proven techniques that are presented in the expert SEO community. Dan Steiner and Brian Gomez, the founders of Elite Legal Marketing are both avid contributors at numerous marketing and search engine marketing publishers, which means we’re usually the first to know about search engine updates, and often times, have already written articles about them.

Elite Legal Marketing is not a large marketing agency, on purpose

We designed Elite to avoid all the common pitfalls of working with a larger agency. No confusing phone systems, ill-trained account managers, rotating staff members, and usually, average service at best.

Here at Elite, we prefer to form close, long-term relationships with our clients, keeping a constant line of communication open at all times. Our clients are never treated like “just another account.”

We believe the greatest form of flattery is through client referrals. Elite is around to this day because of our track record and reputation, not our advertising budget.

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Local SEO isn’t magic, it’s strategy. Here’s what is really involved in local search…

The Elite Difference There’s a lot of law firm SEO agencies making promises to lawyers that they cannot keep. Here are just a few examples of how we are different:

  • Process
  • Fulfilment
  • Transparency
  • Exclusivity
  • Results
  • Our battle tested formula has been built over 6+ years working exclusively with attorneys who compete in big cities and extremely competitive markets.

  • All of our staff is In house which means you get accountable professionals who deliver quality work.

  • We build the most high quality and authoritative links possible. We’ve scored our clients links from some of the top media outlets in the nation, including HuffingtonPost, Inc, American Bar Association (ABA), and many others. Simply put, we build links that pack a serious punch.

  • Monthly reports showing every task completed by us for your firm which we are happy to explain when needed so you can trust we are hard at work getting firm results.

  • We’ll never work with two competing law firms, so if your competition calls us, we tell them we can’t help

  • Our clients get the results they are looking for, within the reasonable time frame we set out from the beginning.

No proprietary processes, false promises, or lies.

Just honest, ethical work, done right.

Our Attorney SEO Process

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    Audit & Strategy

    Upon engagement, the first tasks we perform are a website and back link audit to ensure we are building on bedrock rather than sand.

    With the dozens of law firms we have worked with, every single one had some issue or challenge that made it unique. So rather than taking a cookie cutter approach for every client, we keep an open mind during this process to ensure we accurately diagnose your problems.

    Once we have a clear picture of everything affecting your SEO we create a strategy that addresses your challenges and set some clear goals by which we can measure success.

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    Work On The Fundamentals

    Like anything else, if you want to have success online there are some fundamentals you MUST have to be successful before you attempt advanced techniques. Upon launch of your campaign we go through a labor intensive 125 step setup process that makes sure those key components are in place.

    Some of these fundamentals we address in the setup process are; your firm's Google listing, website page load speed, on page SEO, creating listings on every quality legal directory and ensuring analytics and conversion tracking are giving us reliable information.

    Additionally, we create custom reports based on what's important to you and your campaign and schedule them as frequently as you would like to see them.

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    Execute With Precision & Purpose

    Now the real work starts with your monthly SEO campaigns. Though they vary depending on your strategy and service level, every SEO Campaign consists of monthly link building and content that will help your clients to see you as a knowledgeable and credible source to come to when they have questions related to your expertise.

    A key component to Elite's SEO services that we cannot stress enough, is the QUALITY of the links that we build for our clients. Link building is very time intensive, tedious and requires that you think outside of the box at all times which is why most SEO companies either do a poor job or pay for cheap links that can and will eventually hurt you.

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    Measure & Adjust

    We'd be lying if we told you every campaign we launch immediately sees the projected results in expected time frame but what we can tell you and show you many examples of is our habit of taking weekly and even daily assessments of your campaigns progress and tweaking it to keep your ship sailing toward it's ultimate goal.

    A habit many SEO professionals have is being over confident in their process and making adjustments too late. While we have supreme confidence in our strategies and tactics we also are humble in our approach to SEO and understand that it's really about results - namely, that if you aren't getting them, it's time to make an adjustment.

What do our clients think of us?

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“Elite Legal Marketing is a best-in-class agency.  Beyond that, their business ethics are exemplary. Holly Davis and I have worked with them for the better part of  a decade and they never never failed to deliver.”

Chris Kirker

- Austin Divorce Lawyer

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“Elite Legal Marketing has far surpassed our previous online marketing agency (Findlaw) in every way, from their service oriented approach and transparency to the results our practice has seen, I cannot recommend any online marketing company as highly as I would recommend Elite for lawyers who really want to break through in their market.”

Trent Kelly

- Austin Injury Lawyer

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“Just an amazing top to bottom experience with Elite Legal Marketing. I can’t speak highly enough about both my experience working with them as well as the finished product of my firm’s website … There’s nothing about my relationship with the team at Elite Legal Marketing that I would change. I consider myself lucky to have found them and look forward to working w/them in the years ahead.”

Gabriel Katzner

Katzner Law Group, PC - NYC Estate Planning Attorney

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“I’ve worked with Brian at Elite for over 6 years now. You expect any company you bring your business to to be honest, ethical, and to deliver on your expectations. What has set him apart from the numerous other marketing firms that I’ve encountered is that he has always been proactive about modifying our tactics ahead of the competition. He has never once tried to ‘sell’ me on a service, but is truly interested in helping our firm grow.”

Patrick Wandres

Wandres Law - Tulsa PI Lawyer

Experience Matters.

In addition to our services a key differentiator of Elite Legal Marketing is the principles on which we run Elite Legal Marketing:

Brian Gomez

Brian is a highly experienced legal marketing professional who has helped numerous law firms reach the summit of highly competitive personal injury and family law markets and achieve the great financial success that comes with that ascent. Brian's greatest strengths are listening and troubleshooting the problems his clients face as evidenced by the many law firms he has helped overcome severe Google penalties. He's an active author at some of the leading marketing websites, such as Moz and Search Engine Journal.

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Does this sound familiar?

The short answer is unless you're Tom Hagen and are no longer accepting clients, your firm's website could probably use some SEO services to get more of them. That being said, there are degrees of SEO. The more competitive the market you are trying to dominate, the more SEO work there is to be done to standout. Typically in our first conversation, we can give you a general assessment of what sort of resources you will need to allocate to your SEO to see dominant results.
Yes! Regardless of your practice area, there are people searching on their laptops, computers and smartphones every day for a qualified attorney to help them. As you know, so much goes into a client choosing you over your competition but if you're not appearing in the local results when people search for the legal help you provide, you are not even in the race. We will help make sure that's happening.
It all depends on how competitive your market is. We have smaller market clients who spend $800 a month on their SEO with us and do very well and we have clients that spend well over $10k a month to compete in extremely competitive markets. The key for you to understand is that our fees are not based arbitrarily on what we think we can charge but rather the amount of links we are building monthly, the quality of those links, the amount of content we are creating for your site and the level of support we are providing.
Absolutely! Our goal is to help your law firm in a way that is cost-efficient and effective. One of our founding partners can schedule a time to review your current performance online, and help shape your future legal marketing strategies. Let’s discuss your needs. We’ll customize a plan that makes sense based on your current marketing resources.
We guarantee concrete deliverables in terms of reports, links we build and content we produce for your site. We don't make any guarantees in terms of results because there are too many variables that are out of our control that make it impossible to make promises along the lines of of number of clients or rankings. That being said we give every client realistic expectations in terms of ranking within a given timeframe and in the rare event we fall short of those expectations, we will work like hell to remedy that shortcoming to make sure you are happy with our service.
This is one of if not THE most common question we get from single practitioner attorneys. If there was a way to get paid off the revenue our clients make as a result of our marketing efforts, we would make significantly more income (we know because we have explored this option!) but unfortunately we are not attorneys and cannot share legal fees. Because of that, there's really not a legal and ethical way to have a 'pay for results' arrangement with lawyers here in the U.S.
We’re experts at picking apart other people’s work. We’ll help you identify strengths and weaknesses. After we complete our audit, we’ll provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report. You’ll be able to confidently provide feedback to your current marketing partner. And, if you’re ready to work with a more experienced agency that specializes in legal marketing, we’ll help you transition smoothly without risking damage to your current web properties.
The starting point for every law firm we work with is unique but generally speaking, you will see positive improvement in your rankings within 60 days. By your sixth month having us work on your SEO, you can expect to have a linear, easily distinguishable pattern of traffic and rankings increases that is impacting your case intakes.
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