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Today, more than ever, potential clients are taking to the internet to find a law firm just like yours. But can they find you, or are they just finding your competitors? If you’re not visible in search results, how do you expect to grow your firm ? It’s simple; if you’re looking to grow, you need search engine optimization for your law firm.

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Did you know?

33 percent of clicks from organic search results are on the first Google listing. Another 63 percent of clicks are made on rankings 2-4.

Calls from search are increasing 42 percent each year, and by 2018, mobile search will generate 73 billion annual calls to businesses.

Organic search leads have a 14.6-percent close rate, while outbound marketing leads close only 1.7 percent of the time.

Organic search drives 51 percent of all visitors to business websites.

Through SEO, your law firm's website and content organization is designed in a way that it pushes your listing higher in search-engine rankings. We can help ensure you don't spend a considerable amount of time and money on website development only to see your ranking remain stagnant or fall.

Can you benefit from SEO?

You're in a position where you can grow your firm and accept more leads and potential clients.

You want your website to appear where potential clients naturally search and drive more organic traffic.

You want to increase meetings with prospective clients, hold additional consults, maximize billable hours, and grow overall.

You want a professional to handle the marketing, so you can focus on practicing law and running your business.

If your answer to any of the above questions was "yes," then you're in the right place.
Elite Legal Marketing means an elite search-engine optimized website. It means you're the first law firm website your best future client finds when they need you.

Why use us for SEO?

In the early days of online marketing, it wasn't difficult to rank on search engines by simply infusing keywords and phrases throughout your website. Search engine algorithms were somewhat primitive, so it was easy to increase your ranking by increasing the density of keywords such as "legal service" and "Idaho lawyer" on your home page.

But search engines have vastly evolved. Google now frowns upon many of the older tactics, and will even penalize or delist websites that use unnatural means of manipulating their search rankings. The algorithms now further penalize sites that feature low-quality content. In fact, since 2013, Google's search engine can recognize language and interpret the topic of a website's content, regardless of keyword usage.

Elite Legal Marketing has helped countless law firms across the nation dominate their markets since 2010. We've seen search algorithms evolve, and we're prepared to constantly adapt your SEO strategy to adapt.

We’re Google Partners
what makes us different?

The Elite Difference

There’s a lot of legal marketing firms making promises to law firms that they cannot keep. Here are just a few examples of how we are different:

Other Legal SEO Firms

Our battle tested formula has been built over 6+ years working exclusively with attorneys who compete in big cities and extremely competitive markets.

Lots of trial and error while they figure things out on your dime, while your website sits on page 5 of Google.


All of our staff is In house which means you get accountable professionals who deliver quality work.

Outsourced to multiple (often overseas) companies, which means low quality work that produces erratic and mediocre results.

Link building

We build the most high quality and authoritative links possible. We’ve scored our clients links from some of the top media outlets in the nation, including HuffingtonPost, Inc, American Bar Association (ABA), and many others. Simply put, we build links that pack a serious punch.

No link building at all or even worse, tired and lazy tactics like “We submit your site to over a 100 directories”.


Monthly reports showing every task completed by us for your firm which we are happy to explain when needed so you can trust we are hard at work getting firm results

No reporting at all or at best a keyword rankings report which tells you very little about the work being done.


We’ll never work with two competing law firms, so if your competition calls us, we tell them we can’t help

“If you have money you can be our client!”, which means you really have no competitive advantage in the event you do get great results.


Our clients get to page one on Google in the time frame we set out from the beginning, without exception which brings them clients and cases as quick as humanly possible.

“If we give it another 3 months I think we should see some improvement”

What We Do

Elite Legal Marketing offers superior law firm web design and digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC and display advertising. And while many could build a decent website, we remain on top of search algorithm changes and trends to provide ongoing customized service. Our clients find us to be professional, accountable, reliable and extremely effective.

We Staff Some of the Leaders in the Search-Engine Marketing World
don’t take our word for it

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The Results Don’t Lie

Texas Personal Injury Law Firm overcome a Google Penalty to get to page 1 for 37 of their 50 top terms across multiple cities, while increasing their firm in size from 7 associate attorneys to 23.

Increased web site leads by over 320% and organic traffic by 189% over one year for an Oklahoma Injury Lawyer.

We helped a Texas based family law firm who had been stuck on page 3 for years for their most important terms, reach the #1 position in their city for their main term and page one in 2 adjacent cities where they opened offices.

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No risk
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No sketchy


We only work with only
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No long-term


Nothing outsourced.
Everything is done in-house

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