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It’s a running joke with comedians and amateur joke tellers alike – everywhere we go nowadays we see people looking down on their smartphones. And what usually follows those jokes is talking about the good old days of payphones and giving directions over the phone. While those are both popular sentiments, the truth is these devices we are so attached to are not going anywhere anytime soon. One recent survey shows that at least 95% of Adult Amerians own a cell phone and 77% own a smartphone.

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Video Is Not A Trend, It’s The Future

And what type of content are people looking down at the most? In a white paper produced by communications giant Cisco, they found that in 2017 about 17% of internet traffic was video but by 2022, video will account for 82% of all traffic. They go on to say in the white paper that; “The implications of video growth are difficult to overstate.” These numbers of course come as no surprise for those of us who regularly watch Netflix, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram videos at home in bed, on the train, in the doctor’s office or while waiting for Chinese take out. It’s just so damn convenient to watch videos now! This explosion in video however has created an opportunity for businesses, especially law firms, to get in front of consumers when they are consuming content. So rather than long for the days past, a much more productive exercise is to figure out how to build a business strategy around video that can give your firm the edge.

The Advantages of Video For Lawyers

The beauty of video is that, when done right, it can compel the viewer in a manner that only music can in that it not only informs but it creates this emotional response. We’ve all experienced that moment a friend or family member sends us a random video and we take a moment to watch it in the middle of our day and are unwittingly moved to hysterical laughter or tears because of what we watched. This type of impact is much more likely to compel the viewer to take action. This is especially valuable to lawyers because, as we have written about numerous times, it’s often the case that people are in a heightened emotional state when looking for a lawyer. Whether they are scared about spending time in jail, heartbroken over a failed marriage or in despair after a serious injury, a high quality 2-3 minute video that tells your firm’s story and how

5 Ways To Make A Lawyer Video Effective

Of course, nobody wants to sit around and binge watch the cheesy lawyer ads we have seen on daytime TV since we were all children. The key to achieving the desired result is to incorporate storytelling into your video and making that video feel more like the movie than your traditional lawyer ads. How do you accomplish this?


Tell Your Story

It’s common for lawyers think that there’s nothing interesting about their firm or about how or why they started it but this is a fallacy. Tim Ferris, (Famous venture capitalist, podcaster and author of “The 4 Hour Work Week”) often says, (paraphrasing) ‘if you find yourself around people who aren’t interesting, the problem is that you’re not asking the right questions’. We have found this to be an absolute truth and one that applies to law firms as well. Whether you practice real estate law, probate or personal injury, there’s an interesting story that led you here (other than ‘making money’) and that story needs to be uncovered in your video.


Address the common pain points your clients have

Of course there's specific issues or problems people come to your firm. For your video, and marketing in general, however, it's important to think about those issues at a higher level as a pain point. People only buy something if there’s a pain. The greater the pain, the more important the buying decision. For some lawyers, the pain they solve is sadness. For some it’s anger. Others, it’s security (the lack of). Showing your client that you understand their pain. The nuance of it, the intensity of it and the consequences of it, all this is critical to your marketing message.


Identify your biggest advantages in your market and tie that back to the client’s pain

Every firm has that moment when a potential client says, “why should I hire you over competitor x?” It’s incredibly important to not give a lazy answer here but rather one that is compelling. One that identifies you as THE no brainer decision for your client’s problem because of how uniquely qualified you are to address their pain in a way no one else can. It’s here that your client can start to envision how their life could be rid of the pain they are facing with your help and we want to paint that picture in a way where they don’t need much of an imagination


Make it REAL

In the old media days, you would oftentimes see lawyers have success creating a phony character or caricature of themselves and then advertising around. This no longer works. The modern consumer is more savvy. With access to unlimited information in their jeans pocket, they can research reviews, look at social media, read blogs and make an informed decision accordingly. For your video to make the impact you want, your message must be authentic in every way.


Production value matters

Production value is not everything of course but it certainly matters a great deal. Think of it this way; the higher the stakes your clients have, the more scrupulous they will likely be in making the decision on who to hire. Do you think a low budget video will send the right message to your potential clients that you are right choice? In all honesty for some lower level legal issues the answer may be yes but most of our clients are looking for high value clients with serious problems and for them, we would never recommend saving a few hundred or thousand dollars when the cost of losing a single client can be in the millions.

Lawyer Video Services Elite Legal Marketing Offers

Origin Story Video

This is a 2-3 minute video where we tell your firm’s story and present your firm as the best option in a crowded market by highlighting all of your strengths. This is a turnkey video solution which typically requires 1.5 full days to shoot. It helps a great deal if you have former clients who are willing to sing your praises on camera.

FAQ Videos

There is now an explosion of people who instead of searching terms on search engines like Google and Bing, are now simply asking questions. We create separate FAQ Videos for your website, transcribe them, and embed them into individual landing pages that are optimized so that when people near you ask these questions, you have a very strong chance of ranking for those questions.

Practice Area Videos

Your practice area pages on your site are typically a great place to showcase and demonstrate your expertise in very specific areas of your practice (such as Divorce Law, Car Accidents, Estate Planning, DWI Defense etc.) and a practice area

Video Drip Marketing

Once we have produced your video content, we market it across the internet to drive traffic to your site using these videos through social media and video sites.

Video Ads

We market your site on every relevant platform that utilizes video including Youtube, Facebook and Instragrem while targeting the individuals who are most likely to be in need of your service.

Client Testimonials

Many law firms have testimonials on their website. What could be more compelling than your website visitors hearing your clients sing your praises in in their own words? Our client testimonial videos will do just that for your audience.

Our Video Portfolio

There’s a lot of legal marketing firms making promises to law firms that they cannot keep. Here are just a few examples of how we are different:

What do our clients think of us?

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“Elite Legal Marketing is a best-in-class agency.  Beyond that, their business ethics are exemplary. Holly Davis and I have worked with them for the better part of  a decade and they never never failed to deliver.”


Chris Kirker

Austin Divorce Lawyer
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“Just an amazing top to bottom experience with Elite Legal Marketing. I can’t speak highly enough about both my experience working with them as well as the finished product of my firm’s website … There’s nothing about my relationship with the team at Elite Legal Marketing that I would change. I consider myself lucky to have found them and look forward to working w/them in the years ahead.”

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“I’ve worked with Brian at Elite for over 6 years now. You expect any company you bring your business to to be honest, ethical, and to deliver on your expectations. What has set him apart from the numerous other marketing firms that I’ve encountered is that he has always been proactive about modifying our tactics ahead of the competition. He has never once tried to ‘sell’ me on a service, but is truly interested in helping our firm grow.”


Patrick Wandres

Tulsa PI Lawyer
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“Elite Legal Marketing has far surpassed our previous online marketing agency (Findlaw) in every way, from their service oriented approach and transparency to the results our practice has seen, I cannot recommend any online marketing company as highly as I would recommend Elite for lawyers who really want to break through in their market.”


Trent Kelly

Austin Injury Lawyer

Experience Matters

In addition to our services a key differentiator of Elite Legal Marketing is the principles on which we run Elite Legal Marketing:

Brian Gomez

Brian is a highly experienced legal marketing professional who has helped numerous law firms reach the summit of highly competitive personal injury and family law markets and achieve the great financial success that comes with that ascent. Brian's greatest strengths are listening and troubleshooting the problems his clients face as evidenced by the many law firms he has helped overcome severe Google penalties. He's an active author at some of the leading marketing websites, such as Moz and Search Engine Journal.

Common Questions About Our Video Services

We can shoot the video anywhere in the United States. Most of our clients have us come to their office and shoot their videos and then we try to get some footage in other nearby locations that let your audience know you are part of the community and add depth to your story. For clients who don’t have a dedicated office and/or work remotely, we’ll consult with you and help you find a location that’s appropriate for your firm and places you in the most positive and accurate light possible for your clients.

If you hire us to shoot videos for your firm, you of course receive the master copies of all your videos in the highest resolution available (usually 4k or 1080p) to utilize how you like across your marketing. Additionally, we provide video marketing services where we use the videos we created to improve SEO, lead generation and brand awareness.

No! Many of our clients use a separate marketing, web design or SEO vendor and we simply provide the video production.

Yes, if you have a client who you feel could use our video services, we have a referral program for agencies that refer their clients to us. Simply email us at for more information.

The first step is to have a brief consultation about your firm and what you are hoping to accomplish using video. Assuming we are fit, we agree on a budget and execute an agreement that details our agreed upon solution. Once engaged, we setup a call with our video production team where we brainstorm and share our ideas on how best to accomplish your goals. Once a strategy is established, we schedule a 2-3 window and send you a detailed itinerary for every day of shooting. Then we shoot your videos (which is usually a blast!) and start post production work. Generally speaking we send a quasi finished product for you to review within two weeks of shooting. You are giving an opportunity to request revisions or changes and once those are completed to your liking, viola! Your videos are now ready for the interweb!

Absolutely. When we have our initial consultation, just let us know the mediums you are anticipating using and we’ll make sure your videos are edited and formatted appropriately for television. Additionally, if you decide to use your video in TV after your project is complete, we can still edit your footage appropriately as needed.

Our video production services start at $2500 and go up from there depending on what your needs are and how many videos we are producing. For a detailed quote fill out the form on our site today!

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