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PPC management

If you do any sort of Google search for your city name and area of practice there’s a great chance you see a litany of ads in the search
results, all from various competitors in your area. These ads are what’s known as pay-per-click ads (usually notated with ‘ads and at the top of most Google searches) and they are a wildly effective way to generate leads for your law practice.

  • Looking for a specific type of legal client?

    Pay-per-click advertising is the most targeted medium to make sure your firm is visible to your ideal client

  • PPC management services

    We’ll turn the data from your PPC campaign into intelligence that your law firm can leverage to get more cases.

Why launch a PPC campaign?

The beauty of PPC is that, unlike SEO, you can turn your ads on immediately. There’s no waiting for a search engine algorithm to scan your site and slowly move it up Google’s rankings. If a well managed SEO campaign is the equivalent of growing your own garden to feed your family,PPC is the gourmet restaurant up the street that is open 24/7. A well managed, efficient PPC Campaign is a great idea in a number of scenarios:


Benefits of a PPC campaign

Let’s Grow My Law Firm

What makes a PPC campaign successful

Every attorney knows a colleague who swears by PPC and another who is sworn against it. Why such extreme opinions if PPC is so beneficial?

It’s because when managed correctly, a PPC campaign can breath precious life into your practice and provide a massive return on your investment. When mismanaged however, it get’s expensive quickly with little to show for it. While there is an abundance of minutiae behind each campaign, the key behind a successful PPC campaign (in our experience) lies in these metrics:

The Elite Difference

We are metrics driven organization that relies on data and facts to make decisions, not hunches. We have managed millions of dollars worth of PPC spend and as a result, we have a fundamental understanding of what works for lawyers and what doesn’t. Despite that knowledge we are always testing our assumptions to ensure that the best idea always wins.

In addition to our experience we also provide the following with every PPC campaign:

Our agency is uniquely qualified to deliver results

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