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Why Do An SEO Audit?

Expert Strategy

We rank law firms in the most competitive markets in the country. Put our experience to work for your firm and see what blindspots you may have.

No Upsell

The only goal of our audits is to give you a blueprint that will yield results upon implementation. We will not try to sell you SEO services at any point during this audit process.

Fresh Set of Eyes

Chances are you have some sharp SEO people already working for you. Use our report as a second high-level opinion to help augment your existing SEO strategy.

It doesn’t matter if your firm’s website has been around for 2 months or 2 decades; every law firm website needs to have goals that align with your firm’s business objectives. One of those goals, without question, needs to be to attract clients from search engines (most notably Google).

Our SEO Audit will help unlock the true potential of your existing website by identifying opportunities for optimization of your website and your SEO Strategy.

As part of our SEO Audit, we will conduct a thorough review and make recommendations on the following;

Keyword Strategy
On Page Optimization
Page Speed Optimization
Conversion Optimization

Upon completion of the audit, we will meet with you to share our findings and recommendations and then provide you with a report that you can have your existing SEO vendor or marketing person review and implement.

We are so confident in our Law Firm SEO audits that we guarantee you will see results that equate to at least 10x the audit cost within 6 months of implementing our recommendations, or we will refund 100% of your money back.

There is no fine print or haggling on this guarantee. We will take your word for it if you say you didn’t receive at least 10x the value due to our audit.

How It Works


Keyword Research

Based on the type of clients you are trying to attract to your site, we’ll research the terms that your site should be aiming for on Google.


On Page SEO Analysis

We will look at the current optimization of your site and determine what changes should be made to increase visitors and leads.


Website Analysis

We examine the every aspect of your site that will help it rank and convert traffic into leads. This includes analysis of page speed, content, content length and conversion analysis.



A report is created with our findings and recommendations and we meet with you and any neccessary members of your team to discuss and answer questions about it.



After our meeting, our team will implement the changes we agree upon to help your site perform better online.

Our Audit Tools

How Our Law Firm SEO Audit Benefits You

As you probably already know, getting high-value clients from organic rankings on Google is an ultra-competitive game. This game requires a lot of technical things to take place for you to see the sort of results that creates practice-altering success for your firm.

Generally speaking, you can partition these ranking factors into two categories, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO involves a lot of factors that are usually not in your direct control, like getting a well-known website to link to yours.

On-page SEO is the low-hanging fruit that will help get you rankings because it’s all things within your control to improve your rankings. For example, what is shockingly common is for law firms to reach out to us about their SEO, only for us to find that (based on their off-page signals) their firm should be much more competitive on Google than it is.

Why Elite’s Law Firm SEO Audits Are Superior

There are many highly capable SEO people and agencies in the legal marketing world.
Many of those agencies will showcase their top 2-3 clients as an example of their work – and rightly so.

At Elite, we showcase all of our clients because all of them make massive SEO improvements when they hire us.

Pound for pound, we would challenge you to find an agency whose collective client base ranks higher and has more success than Elite Legal Marketing’s clients.

Some Facts About Elite:

  • 100% of our SEO clients are on page 1 of Google for their top term after 1 year
  • Our average client has been with us for 46 months
  • We generate over $5M in organic traffic for our clients monthly (per AHREFs)

We share this not because we look at an audit as an opportunity to sell you ongoing SEO services but to clarify that not all SEO audits (particularly legal SEO audits) are the same.
When you hire Elite to audit your website, you will receive an actionable report that will produce results.