Why Legal Content Marketing is Unique

Brian September 8, 2016

Content marketing is a must for any business. Having an online presence is crucial to survive in a crowded marketplace and content marketing is one way to stand out in the crowd. When it comes to marketing for law firms, there is a big difference in strategy. Legal content marketing is unique in many ways. Here are a few examples.

Law Firms Are Expected to Be Experts

Legal content marketing is different, in that all content is expected to have some type of expertise. You can read similar articles all day long on other niches but when it comes to legal articles, people are there wanting to hear what an expert has to say. You cannot simply go to Elance and pay a freelancer a few dollars to create quality content for you.

If you are writing legal content for your blog, make sure that you are able to cite legal sources to support your contentions. This is not something that is done with most other niches. You want to make sure to cite sources as it shows you know what you are talking about and also brings quality and credibility to the content.

Another big part of legal content marketing involves becoming an authority in your market. When you write content as a guest blogger, you are establishing your legal brand. After you are able to post articles on high authority websites, people will begin to see you as an expert or the go-to person in the field.

Localization Should be the Focus of Legal Content Marketing

SEO is an important part of legal content marketing. Regardless if you are posting content on your blog or authoring on another site as an expert, you must make sure you focus on SEO for lawyers. This means that concentrating on your local market is the key to success.

If you are an attorney in the Los Angeles area, you do not want to optimize your content for a national audience or even for another city. Many people get this wrong. As a local business, you want to focus on the local market. People cannot purchase your products or services online. They must come to your office in person, which is why you need to optimize your content for people looking for you.

Other key differences are knowing when to use the correct terms, such as lawyer or law firm, in your content.

Search Engines Already Hate You

If you are a law firm, search engines are not your friend. There is so much spam content out there related to law firms that you must fight your way to the top. Legal content marketing is some of the most difficult to get ranked because of this.

Just check online to see the many law firms out there with spam content and clickbait. Their only purpose is to get visitors to their site, where hopefully they can convert them into paying clients. This is the opposite of what Google and other search engines want. They want you to provide quality content that not only attracts visitors but keeps their attention and provides valued information.

In order to help your content rank, it must be of great quality. While this is the same for all niches, law firms must stand out. The way to do that is to provide information that people want, or need, to read. We suggest creating how-to advice or writing articles that answer common legal questions. This is a great way to keep the readers’ attention and show the search engines you are there to provide valuable content, not serving up spam.

Final Thoughts

Yes, legal content marketing is unique. If you are looking to rank your law firm’s website, you must invest in quality. Provide expert advice, with information people want to read. Stay away from using clickbait or other black-hat methods to attract visitors and Google will likely grow to love you and rank you higher.

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